About the Cards

Destiny Cards

This deck contains the cards that shape your adventure! 
Modify Journey Cards, Minor Fame, Thwarts and Cancel Thwarts as well as some special surprises!

Journey Cards

These are the four terrains that you can travel to McGuffin mountain: Ocean, Desert, Jungle, Mountain. Each terrain has 14 cards.

Treasure Cards

Hidden deep within McGuffin Mountain, these are all the wonderful treasures that 
Mr. Nebthos had uncovered 
over the years.

The Destiny Cards

Any of these cards below allow you to modify the number of any one J ourney Card by the number on this card.
 ( ie. "Innovation" modifies by 5 and could change #7 on a journey card to either #2 or #12. )

Special Destiny Cards

The Journey Cards

The Treasure Cards

All the lost treasures that Mr. Nebthos has collected over the years, but strangely never told anyone about...